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"Idaho's #1 Microblading & Permanent Makeup Training Academy"


Couture Brows is a world-class microblading & permanent makeup training center, also offering training in other services such as lash extensions and teeth whitening. Our experienced permanent makeup artists, microblading experts, and professional estheticians offer an unparalleled educational experience for our students. Our long-term experience in the permanent makeup industry, five established locations in Salt Lake City, Boise, Malibu, Las Vegas, and Beverly Hills, and continuous support for our students sets us apart.

Our courses have helped hundreds of beginning artists, estheticians, cosmetologists, salon owners, and other beauty service providers grow and achieve perfect results to maximize their business and success.



My name is Angelica Rios, I am the owner and permanent makeup instructor at Couture Brows Academy in Boise.

I was born and raised in Burley, Idaho and moved back to Idaho after living in Salt Lake City, Utah for 7 years.

My career in PMU started in 2017 while I was a full time pre-med student at the University of Utah, and working as part time medical assistant for a neurosurgeon.

My passion for permanent makeup started with makeup application services on my spare time for weddings & events. This then led to the idea of learning permanent makeup. I was certified for microblading & permanent makeup at Couture Brows Academy in Salt Lake City. I was later certified in ombré & powder brows by world known artists, Brow Daddy and Brows by Linnie.

I graduated from the university in May of 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Health, Society, and Policy, and a minor in Psychology. Shortly after I began working as an assistant permanent makeup instructor at Couture Brows Academy in SLC. There, I learned the ropes of PMU and gained hundreds of hours of instructing experience.

I have since successfully franchised a Couture Brows Academy location in Boise, Idaho. I have trained or helped train over 600 students in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and California. I have completed over 1000 sets of brows in my permanent makeup career. I have helped instruct partnered courses with the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics in Utah and Las Vegas. I have also helped instruct a training at Michael Vincent Academy in downtown Los Angeles. During these partnered courses, we’ve trained anywhere from 10-16 students in a single training. During our private courses at our academies we teach anywhere from 4-8 students in a single training. Therefore, I have great experience in working with, organizing, and teaching large (and small) classes of students, and can assure you that Couture Brows Academy can flawlessly execute training courses and exceed your expectations.


Owner & CEO


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